Who We Are

Daksh Law understands that every client needs a competent lawyer. Whether you need a lawyer to represent your interests in a litigation or solicitation, you expect your lawyer to be well learned, knowledgeable, and proficient in substantive as well as procedural aspects of the law. Law is a complex and complicated profession. Daksh Law knows that the competency of a lawyer is a key to protect and safeguard the interests of the client. Daksh Law invests a lot of its resources to continuously develop and upgrade its competencies. Daksh Law uses state of art, advanced software to help its clients obtain best possible results in the circumstances of their cases.

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Our Commitment

Daksh Law is committed to provide its clients Competent, Credible and Competitive Legal Solutions. All aspects of Daksh Law, including its work culture, values, systems and procedures, are developed to ensure that satisfactory results in the circumstances of the case are obtained for the clients.

Areas of Practice

Daksh Law Professional Corporation we provide complete satisfaction to our client on our areas of Practice with Competent, Credible Competitive Legal Services
As per our fundamental goal we provide help to our clients successfully accomplish their Civil Litigation, Corporate and Commercial, Family Law Litigation & Services, Immigration Consultancy and Litigation, Criminal Law and Real Estate law.

Civil Litigation

Daksh Law represents its clients in all kinds of civil litigations, including
Contract law, Corporate, Commercial, and Business law etc…Learn More »

Corporate and Commercial

It can be said that the skills required to achieve satisfactory results in Corporate, Commercial and Business law are in many ways different than the skills required in other areas of law.Learn More »

Family Law Litigation & Services

Daksh Law also helps its clients explore and take advantage of various alternative dispute resolution avenues, including mediation, collaborative law, and arbitration, etc.Learn More »

Immigration Consultancy and Litigation

Canada, like its neighbour in the south, is a country that is made up of immigrants. Immigrants have contributed immensely to the success and development of Canada. Canada needs and will continue to need immigrants in future for its growth and prosperity.Learn More »

Criminal Law

Criminal charge can have devastating impact on the life of the person charged with a crime and the lives of his/her family and friends. In addition to the economical and emotional stakes, in many cases the liberty of the person is at stake.Learn More »

Real Estate law

Daksh Law represents its clients in all matters related to Real Estate lawLearn More »


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