Immigration Consultancy and Litigation

Canada, like its neighbour in the south, is a country that is made up of immigrants. Immigrants have contributed immensely to the success and development of Canada. Canada needs and will continue to need immigrants in future for its growth and prosperity.

However, the immigration process has gradually become more cumbersome and technical over the years. It is getting more and more difficult to achieve and maintain required immigration status in Canada. The process to obtain a permanent status for oneself or a family member continues to get more and more cumbersome and difficult. The rejection rates at various levels are high.

Daksh Law understands the importance obtaining a required immigration status has in the life of its clients. Immigration to a foreign country is one of the most important and defining decision in a person’s life. It has both short term as well as long term implication on the emotional, economical, social, and cultural well being of a person.

Depending upon the life-stage of the client, immigration may also impacts a person’s spouse, parents, children, relatives, as well as future generations. Many a times, the immigration process takes place during a person most valuable professional, and educational years. Daksh Law understands the efficient, effective, and professional handling of your case and time it takes to process your application or appeal can impact on your professional and social life. Daksh Law is committed to handle the cases of its clients in diligent, proficient, and efficient manner.

Daksh Law assist its clients in all matters related to immigration, including:

  • Hearing, Judicial Review, and Appeal
  • Business/ Investor class
  • Skilled worker class
  • Family reunification
  • Refugee claim
  • Canadian experience class
  • Work/study visa
  • Status update/ Review


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